Invoking vs Evoking

A question came up on a previous article I posted asking, “Why do you invoke the gods?”. This is somewhat a double sided question. On one hand, the question is asking what the purpose in invoking the gods and on the other hand, the question is asking why would someone want to invoke the gods. […]

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Beginner Rituals

Rituals provide a template to guide our emotions and actions according to situations. Thereby, they bring a sense of familiarity and order in our life. The purpose of a pagan ritual is to bring our focus to effect personal and environmental change, particularly changes in consciousness.

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Witchcraft & Magic

Witchcraft is the practice of working magic in your life. Whether you are working internal magic to effect external change or external magic to effect internal change. Now, this is not your Harry Potter kind of magic, although, it would be cool if it worked like that. The kind of magic we work in witchcraft […]

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What is a pagan?

There seems to be this idea out there that people who live a pagan lifestyle have to be wizards and witches in funny hats and fly around on brooms and dance around the fire in the moonlight. Okay, yes, for some pagans, that is exactly what they do. For me and others of a more […]

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