Return of the Red Moon

At last, this terrible nightmare is over!

A couple months back, I wrote an article about going on DEPO and how it affected my Red Moon Cycle. I am happy to follow up on that article and say that the Red Moon has returned to its regular cycle.

Why is this important? There are some of us in the pagan community who use our cycle to connect with the moon and the Goddess divine energies. Having cut myself off from my Red Moon by artificially changing it using hormones to keep myself from getting pregnant when I had a partner who didn’t even want to be with me was completely pointless. Of all the bad choices I have made this year, this was the worst one. I put myself through months of depression (which led to the breakup of that relationship) and emotional roller coaster from hell. It took over three months for my Red Moon Cycle to return to normal after the effects of DEPO were supposed to have worn off.

My point is, I have learned a valuable lesson about body and emotional awareness. I will not take any birth control that forces my body out of its normal hormonal functions again and I will not let a partner force me to choose between being with them and going on birth control again. I know now that if someone wants to be with me, they will not only accept my choices but will encourage them. If they don’t, I won’t negotiate the issue with them. Going on any kind of hormonal birth control is a deal-breaker with me.

Ideally, I would like to be with someone who also wants children and would like to share that experience and task with me. At this time, I would like to have one child but I am open to the idea of two. I have a feeling that I would be one of those hippy moms with the cloth diapers hanging on the clothesline with my own baby food made in the fridge. I would likely also be one of those moms that stayed home most of the time or maybe work part time if there was a financial need for it. That’s all future dreaming though, I am certainly not ready to take on that momentous task just yet.

To come back to the point, I welcome back my Red Moon Cycle with open arms and joy. I can’t believe that for the first time in my life, I am actually excited to have it return. I know myself better when I am on my cycle then when it’s gone. I felt absolutely not like myself when it was gone. Now that it is back, I can continue where I left off with my awareness study of it. I will post another follow up blog more about how you can deepen your relationship with your Red Moon Cycle.

Blessed Be!

Priestess Spritisong Dreamweaver

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