Summery of Day 1 of 28 Days Walking the Path of the Goddess

I set up my altar space in devotion to just the Goddess. I will be keeping it this way until the end of the 28 days.

I ended up doing a little less then what I set out to do in my daily tasks and I have altered my plans as such. Walking with the Goddess everyday won’t be easy but I don’t need to make it harder either.

I have changed my daily tasks to the following:

Daily Mantra – om namo bhagavate vasudevaya (they will be done)
Yoga practices
Journaling of your day

It was nice to come to my mat last night and devote my practice to the Goddess. I chanted out my mantra on my mala and then spent some time just conversing with the Goddess. I unloaded much of what I was feeling in the moment.

My Coven also did a little healing work for our friend. I hope that our energy finds her and protects her as she goes through this healing process.

Healing circle for @thesecondsummer #paganlove

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Blessed Be!

Priestess Spiritsong Dreamweaver

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