Sacred Items of Adornment

1319584_artemidaIt was the day before my break up with my ex and I felt compelled to purchase a silver arrow pendant. I don’t know why I was so driven but I have the feeling now that I was just done with dealing with men. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a man-hater, I just think I need to cultivate some female divine energy right now. I feel like somehow my femininity was stolen from me in the last eighteen months and I want to reclaim it. This is one of the reasons I plan on doing a whole 28 days of Walking the Path of the Goddess, starting this full moon.

I have been feeling a connection to Goddess Diana for the last little while, I would say from just before my breakup and continuing on after. Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. Oak groves and deer are especially sacred to her.

I think I have been appreciating her independence as a Goddess who chose to remain a wild woman in a very male dominated society. There’s no surprise to me that she’s the Goddess of witches in Italy the old religion of Stregheria. She’s also a protector of women and childbirth. Now there’s a Goddess for women for sure. There’s a whole branch of Wicca dedicated to Diana that’s very female oriented. Diane_de_Versailles_Leochares_2

As a goddess of hunting, Diana often wears a short tunic and hunting boots. She is often portrayed holding a bow, and carrying a quiver on her shoulder, accompanied by a deer or hunting dogs. She was portrayed as beautiful and youthful. The crescent moon, sometimes worn as a diadem, is a major attribute of the goddess.

Since my break up, I have been wearing my silver arrow necklace, which I have started referring to as my Silver Arrow of Diana because I think that the Moon Goddess was at work within me as I faced my ex and called off our relationship once and for all. He wanted a break and I wanted my suffering to end, so I shot a silver arrow into it. Now when I wear this necklace, it remind me of what I gave up and what I received in return. I gave up a loveless relationship and gained a renewed sense of self-love and independence.

I have also been wearing a little silver ring with a pink crystal heart set into it, on the finger that once wore the claddagh ring I used to wear when I was with my ex. I have been calling this new ring my Promist Ring of Self-Love. When I look at it, it reminds me to take care of myself first before anything else. I gave up a lot of myself in my last relationship and I didn’t receive anything back in return for those sacrifices. This ring reminds me that when I am feeling like someone is taking advantage of me, to pull back and take of myself first. As my coven mate is fond of saying, “You cannot serve from an empty platter.”

Keeping items that are sacred to you are important. Our ancestors also thought that personal items were important as we have seen evidence of them in grave goods uncovered in archaeological dig sites all over Europe. We will never truly know how important they were to those people or where they got them from. We live in an age where we can share the stories of our sacred objects in a medium where they can almost last forever. I don’t mind sharing my stories of my sacred objects with you and I hope that they inspire you to find sacred items of your own.

Blessed Be!

~Priestess Spiritsong Dreamweaver


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