A new blog for a new path

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Spiritsong Dreamweaver, a pagan Priestess of the Coven of the Oak & Apple. I have more than twenty years of experience on the pagan path and what a journey it has been.

This blog is not my first in writing about paganism and witchcraft. I have had a few others over the years but this one is special. This website will be dedicated to those seeking to understand the modern pagan ways and for those looking to deepen their already established practice.

There is no right way to practice paganism, there is only your way and the path that is best for you. While some practice magic in a ritual circle, others choose to dance under the moonlight with others at a music festival. The only thing that really matters is that you know why you practice and what you want to accomplish. For some, it is a path to self discovery for others, it’s creating a community of people who care about nature and want to protect it.

I practice paganism because I want to live in balance with nature and its constant changes. I want to help educate others about pagan ways and how they can help our society and bring awareness to climate change. I want to deepen my connection to the natural biology of the planet and help others to understand their place in our world. For me, it’s not about fighting back against changes to our world, it’s about seeking to be in balance with them.

I practice my paganism by being a gardener, an explorer, a hunter, and a weaver. I follow the wheel of the year and track the phases of the moon. I wonder at the changes in our sun and the comets flying in our night sky. I am constantly learning about the history of human culture, changes in agricultural, innovations in technology, and other ways to deepen my awareness to the shifts taking place on our planet.

It is my goal to offer pagan courses and work books that you can purchase from my store so that you can use the information to deepen your own pagan path. Some examples of these courses will be:

  • A beginner’s introduction to pagan paths
  • Introduction of the Gods and Goddesses
  • How to create your own Book of Shadows
  • A guide to living with the wheel of the year
  • A beginner’s guide to divination tools

I will also share my experiences with my own pagan path with you through my blog posts. It is my hope that you will be able to grow your own pagan practice with the resources and insights that I will be sharing with you.

Blessed Be!

Priestess Spiritsong Dreamweaver


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