When you think of the word “witch” what is your first thought? Is it of the ugly old woman with the tall black hat flying on a broomstick with black cat? Is it of the green faced villain from the Wizard of Oz? Is it of a boiling cauldron and the three hags dropping strange […]

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Pagan Americana

Sometimes it’s hard to express myself when it comes to issues that are affecting both Canada and the United States. I am proudly a citizen of both countries, I was born and raised in Canada but since my Mother remained an American citizen, I grew up with ideals of both nations. I find it hard […]

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Invoking vs Evoking

A question came up on a previous article I posted asking, “Why do you invoke the gods?”. This is somewhat a double sided question. On one hand, the question is asking what the purpose in invoking the gods and on the other hand, the question is asking why would someone want to invoke the gods. […]

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